About Shiree


Known as Photographer At Heart, Shiree Jetha is a several time international award winning photographer and digital creative, with many first merit distinctions from Europe, Asia, The Americas, Australia and New Zealand; acclaiming the titles of Master of Light and Lifetime Diamond Photographer. Acknowledged for her passion, in the photographic arts, short docs and photojournalism, she is true to telling the narrative, in her unique way using her signature style of  technically loaded and well composed images, in either Conceptual Art, Visual Documentary and Film and in moving pictures like cinemographs and time lapsing.

She is based in Toronto, Canada and travels to various worldwide locales, both mainstream and remote, the latter being her preference. Her work remains grounded predominantly on travel and candid street (including environmental portraiture), action-sports, documentary media, architectural and her most favorite, on a complete flipside, the genre of altered-reality compositing for a bolt of freedom from the mundane! She has exhibited internationally in the US, Canada and Europe, most recently in Belgrade Serbia and Istanbul Turkey, with regular solo installations in Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Traveling the world since she was eight years old, and living in six countries, (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece and South Africa), Shiree attributes this odyssey in shaping her special interest in authentic wildlife photography, especially primates, elephant and big cats. Then, inspired by her repertoire of photographs, captured in her studio or on the field, she enjoys re-interpreting them on canvas using organic mixed media of watercolors, acrylics and water-based oils. 

She continues to develop her passion for photography, where it began on a more serious note during her time in Oxford, England, when she was a foreign student working on her Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Psychology. "Photography was a great escape from the books," she says, allowing her to embrace and nurture her eclectic originative personality.

Shiree is currently a member of the Toronto Camera Club, the oldest photographic club in Canada (est.1888) where she co-chairs the Lecture Series. She is an alumnus of Toronto Metropolitan University's Fine Art program in Documentary Media (Photography and Film); the New York Institute of Photography (Professional Photography and Photojournalism); overlapped by several Adobe certification courses in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator, from Seneca College, Phlearn and Master Class. She is a member of and is a CAPA trained judge (2013) with the Canadian Association Of Photographic Art, including a membership to the Professional Photographer's Society of New York State.  

Shiree's philosophy

"Capture What Hasn't Been Captured Before!"

This philosophy helps Shiree develop her stylistic avant-garde approach in capturing images, where her images tell unique narratives. She enjoys shooting from her studio or on location globally, with travel to a 101 countries to date.