Surrealism, Altered Realty, Conceptualism

Shiree's pride and joy is creating altered reality images, that shock, tickle  or evoke thought. Thinking out of the box, coming up with original concepts and using artistic licence to execution, is her biggest thrill! Its her 'little' escape from life.

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Documentary Making

Telling the narrative in an accurate precise way is key to Shiree. The responsibility that comes with the stories people entrust her with for sharing, is always maintained.

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Shooting people in their environments of either, their  workplace or personal space, depicting their life and surroundings, is quite fulfilling to Shiree, especially when she is in rural locales, like Somoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and the outskirts of India and Africa.

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Wildlife And 
Uncultivated Botany

Capturing animals in their autentic habitat, is how Shiree likes to document the wildlife she photographs, where birds, elephant, big cats and primates warm her heart especially.

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Worldly Travels,
101 Countries Done

Part of the travel experience, besides beautiful landscapes and cityscapes, is the culture, food and lifestyle, that makes up a large portion of her portfolio. Eat like a local, dress like a local is her travel motto.

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Action Sport
Think On Your Feet

Action Sport photography, a challenge in its own, but a true test of your knowledge of photography! The rodeo and motorsports are  her interests, as this genre overlaps well with photojournalism.

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