Crossing The Panama Canal
Panama, Central America

Travel the Panama Canal on board the Queen Elizabeth. This artificial 82 km waterway connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean, dividing North and South America, making it the most crucial conduit for maritime trade. Wonderfully captured in timelapse and stills.

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Graffiti In The 6ix
Toronto, Canada

A refreshing short doc about the ongoing debate of street art being 'vandalism' or a medium of expression in the city of Toronto, known affectionately as 'The Six.' Documented are interviews, images and a short timelapse of commissioned indigenous artist.

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Lost City Of Petra
Jordan, The Middle East

Jordan's city of a​ntiquities dating back to 4th Century BC, (around 312 BC), was once a bustling metropolis and trading center, was lost to time in the dessert, only to be recovered in 1812, in a close to immaculate condition. This short doc travelogue explores these ruins.


Saddle Broncs And 
The Bull Riders

Is a culmination of Monochromatic Fine Art, Photojournalism and Action Sport. This micro-doc's key focus was the human perspective of the Cowboys of Ontario and their visual relationship with the animals they ride; see/hear their passion and commitment to this fast-paced, most dangerous of Western Sports, The Rodeo, in particular, saddle broncs and bull riding. 

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Eyes Wide Shut: The Dervish Dancers Of Death

Work In Progess

Documenting the Turkish dancers of death in Istanbul, known for dancing with their close and swirling in circles until a trance-like state is attained.

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The Warblers And The Birds Of Pelee

A collection of photographs and video of the Warblers and other birds during the Festival of Birds at migration, in the Springtime at the Point Pelee Nature Park, Canada. It provides a microclimate at 42 degrees latitude, which means the average climate is higher than in surrounding area around it. Ideal for about 390 specie of birds that migrate from the south to the arctic.